While the standard of the North American roofing industry is certainly asphalt shingles, there are a number of other roofing options that homeowners across the country love and use for their roof replacements. One such option that our team offers is metal roofing, which is known for its exceptional durability. However, when it comes to alternative roofing materials, we offer one that is truly cutting edge and underutilized by roofing professionals; SBS Rubberized shingles. Many homeowners have never heard of these wonderful replacement shingles, and for those who are interested in learning more about what makes SBS shingles different, our team has put together a blog to help you understand the main benefits of this material!


To begin, let’s discuss the aesthetic benefits these shingles offer. Part of the reason asphalt shingles have enjoyed such a long run of popularity is that many homeowners love the aesthetic they provide. To anyone but a professional roofer, SBS Rubberized shingles look identical. They mirror asphalt shingles in design, which means if you’re interested in the aesthetic of asphalt shingles, SBS offer the exact same design, but in an overall improved shingle. Let’s continue to explore what makes these shingles special.


Next up, let’s discuss the protection from the elements that these shingles offer. SBS shingles offer improved durability over standard asphalt shingles due to their design. The SBS that is added to these shingles is engineered from a polymer that’s incredibly durable. This rubber is added to the shingles along with the granules and it provides the shingles with additional strength and durability, helping the shingle last longer and withstand more of the elements than typical asphalt shingles. SBS Rubberized shingles boast resistance to wind-driven rain, hail, and debris. If you have interested in installing a shingle with unmatched durability, SBS shingles are the perfect option for your home!


Asphalt shingles are known for being long-lasting. Well-installed and maintained asphalt shingles are fully capable of lasting upwards of 30 years. However, SBS Rubberized shingles, with their improved durability have the potential to last even longer! All roofing materials have lifespans that are limited by the amount of maintenance you choose to perform on the home. If you keep your roof clean of debris, and keep your gutter system well maintained, an SBS shingle roof can last nearly a half-century, making it a better option than asphalt shingles for homeowners who want a material with additional longevity.

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