When a buyer wants to have a seller pay for a new roof, this can cause plenty of complications in the buying process. That’s because there are some people who either make unreasonable requests or who don’t follow about their requests properly. If you’re a seller who’s wondering whether you should pay for someone’s new roof or if you’re a buyer who wants to have your seller pay for a new roof, you’ve come to the right place. We know how difficult both of these situations can be and we’re here to help you through the process.

Picture Showing Buyer Wants Seller to Pay For New Roof

Benefits of a New Roof

To start with, let’s discuss the benefits of buying a new roof. This way, both parties can understand the purpose of buying one and why it might be a priority.

Increased Value

When you or a buyer wants to have a new roof installed, this will provide your home with a higher value than you would have otherwise. When Washington homeowners decide to buy new metal roofs, they’re provided with homes that can earn them between one and six percent more than they would have compared to asphalt shingles.

Better Aesthetic

Having a new roof can provide a home with a better aesthetic in general. A new roof will look slick and clean; therefore, the overall look of your home will have that vibe as well. When your roof is older and has sustained wear and tear, this can be reflected in the overall look of your yard. No matter how much you clean the yard, the city’s rain can cause a significant amount of damage and as such, your roof might suffer. When your roof suffers, so does the rest of your property and home.


The majority of roofs will last for decades. Because of this, many people decide to have a new roof installed when they move into a new home. For the majority of homeowners, a new roof will last longer than their homeownership. Metal roofs, for example, can last 70 years and because of this, you might not even have the home by the time it needs to be replaced.

Home Safety

A roof is your home’s protection from natural elements. When you have a new roof, you’re less likely to experience complications that come with usual wear and tear. Not only this, but you will likely have your gutters maintained or replaced when your roof is and as such, weight on your gutters is relieved.

When you have a new roof, your chances of having cracked tiles, scratches, etc. Because of this, water is less likely to pool on your roof and given how much rain Washington gets, this is a major blessing. When water pools on the roof, it needs somewhere to go and too often, it seeps through the roof to wreak havoc. You can have leaks, floods, and more when you have an old roof. By simply replacing it, you can reduce these risks.

Not only this, but if you’re planning to have your roof replaced with a metal one, you can also expect to have a fire-resistant roof. If there’s a lightning strike or a fire nearby, you don’t need to be concerned with your roof catching fire.


Buying and Selling

If you’re a buyer who wants a seller to pay for a new roof, there are a few ways in which you can go about it. For one thing, you can ask to have the seller pay for a new roof and you’ll increase the amount you pay for the house. You can, on the other hand, ask the buyer to lower the asking price for the home so that you can include a new roof in the budget.

If you’re a homeowner who’s looking to sell the home and is wondering whether you should buy a new roof or not, you may want to consider why a buyer is asking you to pay for a new roof. These reasons can range from things like the overall look of the home to functionality and safety concerns. It’s not an obligation on your end; however, this is an opportunity for you to build a good relationship with your buyer.

If the buyer is asking for a new roof just for aesthetic reasons, you may not want to pay all of that money to have the roof replaced. If you know that the roof is old and that it is due to be replaced, you should attempt to replace the roof or at least lower your asking price. At the end of the day, you can do what you want with your home; however, you’re more likely to sell the home if you show that you’re willing to cooperate.

If a potential buyer displays concerns about the safety of a roof, you can always ask an inspector to look over your roof or to recheck it if you’ve already had an inspection done. This will provide you with an opportunity to see what’s wrong, or isn’t wrong, with your roof so that you can make an objective decision.



Having a safe home is of utmost priority. That’s why it’s important that you have a home that has an adequate roof. Whether you’re planning to sell or buy a home, your roof will be a primary source of protection between your home and external elements. Still, if you’re not sure about how your home can be affected by a new roof, you’ve come to the right place. For any questions we haven’t answered here, contact us today!