Spring has finally sprung after a long winter and you know what that means – springtime home maintenance! While the interior of your home is probably due for a good spring cleaning, the exterior of your home is in need of some attention too. Springtime tends to reveal issues on the exterior of your home that happened during the harsh winter weather. Keep an eye out for these common gutter issues as you start checking things off your spring to-do list. 

Bent Gutters

Gutters are prone to getting bent because of the material they’re made of and the joints throughout the gutter system that act as weak spots. Seamless gutter systems reduce the possibility for bent gutters, but until you make the upgrade, you’ll need to be on the lookout for gutters that are bent or sagging around the joints. Bent gutters need to be replaced, although you can typically replace just the affected section instead of the entire gutter system to lower the cost. 

Gutter Separating from the Roof 

Your gutters should sit flush against the edge of the roof fascia. If your gutter is pulled away from the roof, it needs to be repaired ASAP. A contractor can typically just reattach the gutter to the roof as long as there’s no other significant damages to the fascia boards. A gutter that’s pulled away from the roof and not repaired in a timely fashion increases the risk of water damage to both your roof and the foundation of the home. Water will slide off the roof straight down to the foundation of your home instead of flowing safely through the gutter system. 

Clogged Gutter Systems

Each spring, cleaning your gutters should be at the top of your spring-cleaning list. Gutters that are filled with leaves, sticks, and other debris aren’t able to drain properly. Remove the debris with your hands (don’t forget to wear gloves!) and discard into a bucket. Once you’ve removed all visible debris, flush the gutter system with your hose to see if water is flowing freely. If your gutter is still clogged, there’s probably something blocking the downspout that can be removed by a roofing and gutter contractor. Check for signs of leaks or cracks during the cleaning process too so you’ll have an accurate list of damages. 

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