Leading Hardware Stores Around Seattle

Hardware Stores Near Seattle, Washington

When engaged in a Seattle roofing project, whether it is a roof repair, roof replacement, or roof installation project, knowing to buy roofing materials is not enough. For there are some necessary tools or products that are not available in roofing supply stores alone.

As one of the leading roofing companies in Washington, Eco Home Service & Roofing is aware of such potential crisis. For that matter, we have outlined underneath, some of the top hardware stores that will complement your roofing projects.


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Stoneway Hardware

Founded in 1986, this hardware store is a locally-owned store that offers a great number of choices and discounts to the property owners of Seattle, WA. If you wish to get the right tools for your next project, particularly those involving roofing and other property improvement projects you may have, you may check this store.

If you are like those property owners who do not have the luxury of time to drive to their store, you can actually purchase your product needs at the convenience of your home. Although this hardware store is relatively old, they have managed to adapt to the present generation, by offering an opportunity to busy shoppers to shop online.


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Stewart Lumber & Hardware Co.

Most property owners and even some roofing contractors here in Seattle would refer to Stewart Lumber & Hardware Co. as old but gold. This hardware store has started its operation back in the 1920s.  For almost a century now, this store has never failed in providing consumers like you premier building materials, tools, and lumbers.

Stewart Lumber & Hardware Co. has been a trusted company in the community of Seattle. Their influence even increased when they gained various accreditations from huge companies and organization such as Ace Hardware, The Local Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the likes.

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The Home Depot

Wherever you are in the country, you will surely not miss seeing a Home Depot in your area. This is especially true here in Seattle, Washington. Apart from their locations and hardware stores scattered around the country, Home Depot is known for its top Associate Availability, Associate Helpfulness, and Store Cleanliness. From interior to exterior product needs, for your general construction project, The Home Depot can offer you what you need. Plus, they also offer great discounts and the best prices for consumers like you.