When you’ve decided to replace your roof, you’ll most likely have to weed through quite a few different contractors, and it can be hard to choose the right one for your needs.  Not only should you consider the price of their bid, but also how they will complete the Seattle roofing or Snohomish Roofing project.

Replacing your roof is one of the most significant investments that https://ecoroofservice.com/you’ll make in your home, so it pays to ask a lot of questions of the potential candidates.   Here are a few questions that we feel are essential for interviewing roofers.

Picture Showing Interview Questions for Roofers


Question # 1:  Where is Your Company Located?

This is a vital interview question for a few different reasons.  First, it helps to make sure that the roofing company is local to your area, which can help reduce costs for mobilization to your home, and it can make working with the actual project manager easier since he will be in the area.  Another reason why finding a company with an actual physical and verifiable address is that it is a sign that they are legitimate.  Often less then reputable roofing companies or even scammers will use an out of town or non-local address for their business.  And since most people choose not to verify the place of business when it’s further away, scammers can often victimize unsuspecting homeowners.

So how local should your roofers be?  It really is a personal preference, but it’s a good idea to be within at least 20 miles from your home.

Question #2:  Who Will be Working on my Home?

This question is designed to determine whether or not the roofers will be working or using subcontractors to complete the job.  And while there is nothing inherently wrong with using subcontractors, it does add yet another layer of bureaucracy that may become a hindrance over time.  In addition, if the contractor uses people other than direct hires, there is always a chance that they will not meet the insurance or safety requirements of the company itself.   In truth, everyone hired by a roofing contractor should meet the requirements set in the contract, but sometimes that simply isn’t the case.

So should you insist on the roofers using their own people, and not subcontractors?  Probably not.  It’s not good form to dictate the internal workings of any company you hire.  You can, however, insist on the roofing contractor provide you with proof or a certification of the subcontractor’s qualifications.


Question #3:  Are You Insured?

This is probably the one question that most homeowners ask the roofers that they are considering and with good reason.  If a company is insured, there are some protections that can be relied upon during the project and even after everything is completed.

But insurance is designed to do more than just protect you from a bad job.  If the roofers have the right type of insurance, including liability, and workers compensation, it protects you from being liable if something happens while the roof is being replaced.  Without that insurance in place, it is possible for the homeowner to be liable for the medical costs of injuries that happen on the property, or even unpaid wages.  So if the roofing contractor you’re considering cannot provide you with legitimate proof of insurance for both liability and workers compensation, walk away.


Question # 4:  Are You Licensed?

Because of the dangerous nature of roofing, and the amount of damage that can be caused directly or indirectly by a poorly performed job, many states require that roofers be licensed.  Often cities and towns may require an additional license as well.  So it’s a good idea to make sure that the roofing company that you’re considering can work legally on your home.  And it’s an easy question to answer; in most cases, proof of certification is provided through a certificate that can be verified with a simple phone call to the state or local agency that does the certification.

Should you use a roofing contractor that isn’t licensed in your state or town?  If it a requirement, then you need to make sure that you do.


Question # 5:  Will You Use a Lien?

Sometimes, a roofing company will not be paid by the homeowner.  Whether there was a disagreement on the pricing, the job was not completed to the satisfaction of the client, or simply because the client becomes incapable of paying, the roofing contractor can potentially lose thousands of dollars in lost wages, materials, and profit.

So, depending on the law of the land, some roofers choose to put a lien on the house in order to make sure that some form of payment is made when the job is completed.  A lien is a document that is attached to the deed of the home that lets everyone know that you owe a particular company or person money.  If you were to ever sell the home, before you can use the money from the sale for anything else, all liens placed on the home must be paid off.


Question # 6:  Can You Provide Local References?

Often roofing companies will build their client base not on direct advertising, but rather through the use of a referral system.  After all, if you like the roof on your neighbor’s house, you might consider using that particular roofing contractor.

However, there is a catch.  You need to make sure you ask for references from a few different types of customers.  Ask for references for jobs completed in the last six months as well as ones completed a few years back.  Also, make sure that it is okay for you to contact their former clients directly.  By getting multiple references from different time periods, you’ll be able to get an indication of how well the roofers work before the project, during, and afterward as well.


There are many interview questions for roofers that a homeowner should consider asking.  These listed here are probably the most vital, but be sure to have a good conversation with the contractor, and make sure that your concerns have been adequately addressed.