When homeowners consider installing metal roofing on their homes, there are a number of questions that come to mind. Is it going to be more expensive than an asphalt shingle roof. Are there any special maintenance routines I need to adhere too? What’s the lifespan of a metal roof? The list goes on & on, but one of the most frequently asked questions homeowners tend to have about metal roofing is whether or not metal roofing is noisy. Many homeowners think that the metal roofing is a noisy option, one that will keep you up at night during a rainstorm as the drops beat down on the material. However, the truth is that when properly installed, metal roofing isn’t any noisier than any other other material, including asphalt shingles. Interested in learning a bit more about how to limit the noise of a metal roof? Keep reading below for more information!

Insulate Your Attic

Our first step, which is another service our team can assist with, is to properly insulate your attic! The insulation has an added benefit beyond keeping your home more energy efficient and temperate; it also offers noise reduction which can help reduce any unwanted noise that a metal roof may generate. If you’re considering whether to insulate your attic, noise reduction is just another benefit, particularly for those interested in installing a metal roof!


Another common misconception about metal roofing is that it’s noisy because it’s installed directly on the roof without underlayment or roof decking. However, metal roofing is generally installed with a sheathing between the home and the roofing material, which significantly reduces the noise that metal roofing generates. While without a buffer, metal roofing would likely be a bit noisier than asphalt shingles, with it, it is just as quiet as an asphalt shingle roof!

Fastened Roof Panels

The last key to reducing the noise your metal roofing can potentially generate is simply whether your roof panels are properly fastened to your roof. If they are loose, high winds could end up shaking the panels and causing noise. However, if they roof is properly installed and fastened, it is no noisier than asphalt roofing!

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