Have you cleaned your gutter system at all this year? Gutters help prevent floods by channeling water away from the building. An average American home has gutter and downspouts installed on its roof. However, just installing gutters and downspouts is not enough to protect your home or preserve its value. Every homeowner should make it a priority to clean their gutter system at least twice every year. Why? Most times, gutters get clogged with debris, leaves, fruits, flowers, or sticks that prevent the proper channeling of water. 

If you still think that cleaning your gutter is a futile effort, here are five reasons why you should take it seriously: 

5 Reasons Cleaning Your Gutter System Is Important

It’s a water damage preventive measure

Clogged gutters prevent proper drainage after a downpour. And when this happens, water that’s supposed to be channeled away from the building falls directly on it’s foundation, or seeps under it’s shingles. Think about it; that can cause damage to both the interior and exterior of your house, right? Moisture creates a conducive environment for mold to grow. And when mold grows on the walls, that will not just deface the building but also reduce its value.

Prevents roof damage

If you refuse to clean your gutter system, roof damage becomes inevitable. Water gets trapped in the roof when the gutter system is clogged with debris, sticks, or leaves. And this can rust or rot on the roof depending on the material exposed to moisture. Besides, the trapped water may escape in unsealed spaces or holes. That will damage the ceiling and cause leakage in your home. 

Protects your home from pests

Stagnant water is a breeding environment for some insect pests. And if you refuse to clean your gutters, you’ll most likely have a pool of stagnant water around your home. That doesn’t sound hygienic, does it? Aquatic insects like mosquitoes, dragonflies, water scorpions, etc, use stagnant water as their breeding environment. Of course, having pests around your home is unhealthy because they are carriers of diseases that are detrimental to your health. 

Prevents the foundation from deteriorating

Preserving the foundation of your building is crucial. However, refusing to clean your gutters can damage the foundation because rainwater pours directly on it. And when this happens, the foundation may get cracked, especially when the water freezes and unfreezes after winter. Besides, flooding can occur in your basement when water escapes from the foundation into it.

Saves future expenses

Most importantly, clean your gutters because doing so will save you from some unforeseen future expenses. For instance, cleaning your gutters will extend the durability of your roof, siding, and foundation. But if you don’t clean them, you can expect to pay extra expenses on repairing or replacing your roof and siding.   

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