Installing a new roof could arguably be the most important of all the major home repairs you complete. Getting a new roof is not very glamorous, but you will understand the importance of this if the old roof fails and you have water leaking into your home. The remodeled kitchen or new basement family room will be ruined by the water that leaks through. There are few home issues that are as problematic as a failed roof.

With the importance of a good roof, replacing your roof is not a task to be taken lightly. However, you should also not delay this. When you feel that your roof is reaching the end of its life, you need to brush up on the basics of replacement before getting an estimate from a quality roofing Seattle contractor.

Image of Roof Replacement Basics All Homeowners Should Know in Seattle WA

The Roofing Materials

The choice you have in terms of roofing materials will often depend on your location as well as your personal taste. In certain locations, metal roofing is more common because it is resistant to fire while in other areas Spanish-influenced tiles are better suited to the home styles. The pitch or angle of the roof will also play a role in the kind of roofing materials you can choose.

If you have a steeply pitched roof, wood shake shingles may be the best choice. However, these shingles are not recommended for low-pitch roofs or flat roofs.

Second Layer Or Tear Off?

At one point, it was common practice to lay the new shingle roof over the existing layer at least once, but sometimes twice. Some jurisdictions no longer allow this practice and a complete tear off of the existing roof will be required. In the areas where layering is still allowed, applying a new layer of shingles to the old needs to be carefully considered because of the pros and cons.

The Costs

There are a lot of factors that go into the cost of a roof and this starts with the roofing material that you choose. You could get the cheaper 3-tab asphalt shingles or the more expensive slate. The roofing contractor in Seattle, WA that you choose will also impact the costs that you face.

If you choose 3-tab composite roofing for a small home, you could face a bill of $7,000. The average roof suing asphalt shingles will cost between $3.50 and $5.50 per square foot to complete. This cost includes permit fees, demolition of the old roof, clean up, and waste disposal.

Think About Off-Season Roofing Work

In the United States, roofing season is generally from late spring to early fall. However, skilled roofing crews are able to extend this season into the early winter when snow flurries start to threaten. This is why you should consider hiring a roofing contractor in Seattle, WA to complete your project during the off-season periods.

When you do this, you could enjoy lower prices because there is a lower demand for the roofer’s skills. The trick to getting your roofing project done in the offseason is hiring a team with professional roofers who are able to complete the work in hours. This will ensure that the periods of dry weather are used to maximum effect.

Understand The Roofing Process

When you understand the roofing process, you will be able to make an informed decision regarding the roofing contractor in Seattle, WA that you hire. You will also understand the jargon that is being used. Professional roofers will generally take 3 to 4 days to complete a moderately-sized job.