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Every day, more and smarter homeowners are making the decision to install a metal roof on their home. We know that choosing your new roofing contractor can be challenging. Which is why at Eco Roof Service, we hire and train only the best people and only work with the most established metal roofing brands.

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Explore the advantages of choosing a metal roof and decide for yourself if one is right for you.

Durability & Longevity

Probably the most outstanding advantage of metal roofs is that they are made out of mainly galvanized steel, which is known to stay intact for decades and not rust.

Environmentally Friendly

All metal roofs are made-up of some recycled materials. A metal roof can be installed over your existing rubber shingle roof, therefore eliminating unnecessary landfill waste. Metal roofs are also Energy Star rated by the Federal Government, which makes them eligible for an Energy Tax Credit.

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Metal Roof Installation – Other Advantages



Metal roofs also will save you money on energy bills thanks to their heat-reflecting surface. As a bonus, metal roofing is steel dipped in a galvanizing compound that is intended solely to prevent rust.



The rainy season has nothing on a metal roof! A modern metal roof will not be louder than any other roof, nor will any amount of rain cause it to rust. Metal is naturally water-resistant, making leaks less common and keeping your home dry.


Snow & Ice

Metal roofing is known for quickly absorbing heat and melting build-up.



Your roof should protect your home and family against the elements, not just cover you from them. Choosing a metal roof is like installing “armor over your house”.



No matter which style you choose, a metal roof is inherently noncombustible.



There is no evidence metal roofs have a greater risk for getting struck.



Metal roofing has been proven to be highly resistant to hail – even as they age.

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