If your roof has been protecting your home in Seattle, WA for the last 15 to 20 years, it is likely that you need to replace it. This is something that may have to occur sooner if you live in an area that has a lot of bad weather. The problem is that keeping your roof in good condition can cost a fair amount depending on where you live, the materials you want, and the overall condition of the roof. If you are preparing for this home project with a roofing contractor in Seattle, WA, you need to know some tips for keeping the costs down.

Pic Of Ways To Save Money On Roof Replacement Costs in Seattle WA

How Much Does Roof Replacement Cost?

There are 3 general categories of roofing costs that you need to know about. The first is the materials such as the shingles, drip edge, underlayer and protective coatings that you need. The second is the labor costs as you need to hire skilled professionals to remove your old roof and install a new one. The last category is disposal which is the removal of any excess roofing materials.

How To Reduce The Costs

Do Some Homework

Understanding the size and complexity of your roof as well the materials you want installed are important and something you should do before contacting anyone. This information will help you keep the estimates consistent and encourage competitive quote from any roofing contractor in Seattle, WA.

You will run into the term roofing square and you need to know what this is. A roofing square is 100 square feet of roofing material. If you are talking to a contractor, the installation and disposal fees for the project should be included in the estimate.

Shop Around

You need to get quotes from a few roofers and always check on their local references before you hire them. You need to be careful with contractors who offer low bids. This could be an indication of poor work and you also need to ensure that the roofer offers a warranty on the installation and materials.

The roofer will need to be properly licensed and insured as well. This is something that you can check with the local building department as well as the state consumer protection agency.

Time The Project Correctly

Roofing contractors in Seattle, WA are in the greatest demand in the late summer and early fall. When you schedule your project for the winter or spring, you could get lower prices or an off-season discount.

Use Your Insurance

Roof damage that is not caused by neglect will generally be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. This means that a hailstorm that knocks shingles loose will be covered by the insurance. Your policy will generally pay for all or part of the replacement costs.

Do Some Work Yourself

You should consider doing some of the roofing work if you have the time and proper equipment. The work that you should focus on is the removal of old roofing materials which will cut the costs. Of course, you will need to ensure that the contractor approves of this before you start. When you take care of this yourself, you will also need to arrange disposal of the materials.

Consider An Overlay

An overlay is when new shingles are installed over the existing ones. As the original roof remains, overlay will take less time to complete and will not cost as much as a total replacement. The primary issue is that this can void the warranty offered by the manufacturer and some jurisdictions no longer allow this.