Does your roof in your Seattle WA home need to be replaced? Would you be able to tell if it did? The signs are fairly obvious sometimes – if you can see the Big Dipper directly from the attic that’s pretty blatant – however, in some cases, the red flags that your roof is failing are more subtle than that. You need to to consider help from a reliable roofing Seattle contractor. 

Image Showing Signs That You Need A Roof Replacement in Seattle WA

Let’s take a closer look at what your roof might be attempting to say.

Understanding your entire roofing system

Before you call a professional roofing contractor in Seattle, WA, be sure you know how to speak the language. The following are your whole roof system’s components:

Decks: The roof’s structural, wooden surface.

Drip edge: The material attached to the edge of your roof that guides water off of the eaves.

Underlayment: The barrier that is installed underneath the shingles for keeping the roof deck dry.

Flashing: The material that attaches to the seal and helps to protect the joints, like where the chimney and roof meet.

Shingles: Your roof’s outmost layer, which protects the structure and repels water.

Soffit: The roof overhang’s underside.

Fascia: A horizontal board located on the end of the roof rafter that might hold the gutter.

Vents: Features that keep the roof dry and enable air to escape out of the attic.

6 Signs That Your Roof Needs To Be Replaced

Now that you have a better understanding of what your roof is made of, watch out for the following signs.

1. Your roof is old.

An asphalt shingle roof, on average, will last around 12-15 years. Tile and metal roofs have a tendency to last longer. If your roof is close to its average replacement age, then you should start to consider having it replaced.

If earlier roof repairs were done on top of your current roof – which is called overlaying – then you will definitely want to consider a roof replacement. The practice of overlaying is a type of quick fix that might hide larger roofing problem under the surface of the shingles.

2. Visible missing or curling shingles.

Your roof gets exposed to elements like sun, snow, and rain, which over time cause its components to start to wear down. The long-term beating that Mother Nature inflicts can cause curling, buckling, missing, or broken shingles. Finding granules or debris in the gutter system from your shingles is a sure sign that you have roof decay. If any of the roof’s parts are missing it can make your house vulnerable to the weather elements.

3. You have damaged or broken flashing.

Flashing helps to keep out moisture from the roofing system joints. Depending on the age and quality of the roof, you flashing might be made out of metal, tar or roof cement. Missing, degraded, or damaged flashing can put your roof at risk of getting water damaged.

4. Ice damming.

If ice dams mean you have roof ventilation problems. These are ridges of ice that can form on the edge of your roof.

If your roof does not have the proper ventilation, heat from your attic might melt snow that is on the roof. The snow melt will run off the edge or roof or may go into the gutters. The cold air will cause the snow melt to freeze. The ice dam can cause more now melt to back up and then freeze also.

After the water begins to soak the inner materials, you will need to have a roof replacement sooner or later.

5. Discolored walls and ceilings.

Are there mysterious water stains on the exterior, walls, or ceilings of your house? Do you hear dripping sounds from the ceiling? If so, there might be a leak in the roof. Check your attic’s insulation – it if is soggy, then there is a problem.

It is dangerous to walk on the roof and it isn’t recommended that you do it. If you have gone up there and discovered soft sections in the roof, then most likely the roof has suffered from water damage and you need a roof replacement.

6. There are unwanted animals occupying your house.

Is there a family of squirrels living inside of your attic? If so, you probably didn’t let them in through the front door, so there is probably a rotting or missing section in an eave or maybe a hole in part of the roof.
Animals such as bats, birds, raccoons, and possums will search for any chance to nest in a comfortable warm house and take full advantage of any roof damage.

Hire a professional roofing contractor in Seattle, WA and have them inspect your roof in order to determine whether a total replacement or repairs are needed. Visit Eco Home Service online or call us to request a free estimate.