Many people think that a solid roofing system is as simple as, well, having a proper roof, but this is simply not the case.

The truth is that there’s a lot more that goes into a substantial roofing system than you might think. Fascia and soffit, for example, are two of the most overlooked ingredients of a quality roofing system. In this blog, we will dive into what they are, the role they play, and why they’re important to keep your roofing system running well.

What Exactly are Fascia and Soffit?

You might be asking yourself what fascia and soffit are, and for that, we can’t blame you, as they are rather small in appearance and easy to miss. In fact, fascia and soffit would be only partially visible from the curb.

In simplest terms, the soffit and fascia is the point at which your home’s roof meets its siding.

Soffit sits underneath the bulge of your roof. Also known as soffit siding, it typically appears in the form of planks, giving this otherwise incomplete area a congenial and finished look. Reference the image below for a visualization – notice the white planking that runs underneath the overhang of the roof.

The fascia is the board that gives a complete, finished look, typically sitting below the gutter. Consult the image below for a better look: see the boarding that runs above the soffit and adjacent to the gutter.

What Do They Do?

Aside from giving your home a nice, polished appearance, soffit and fascia bring practical benefits to the table as well.

  • Ventilation

Who wants to be dealing with mold? The answer is – nobody! WIth built-in ventilation, soffit allows for natural airflow in your attic, effectively getting rid of the moisture that causes mold – something that you never want as a homeowner. Your attic is best kept well-ventilated and at a comfortably humidity.

  • Keep Pests Away

Like mold, pests can be another obnoxious issue for homeowners to take care of. Thankfully, soffit does its part to keep pests at bay, blocking out insects and other small intruders from your home’s interior. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you won’t be sharing your home with any unwanted guests.

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