Replacing your gutter system may not sound exciting – but it can actually lead to a lot of benefits for you and your home. While homeowners generally would rather think of more exciting aspects of home maintenance – like planting gardens or painting walls. But installing gutter guards can also have a major impact. 

Decrease Maintenance

The number one reason to consider gutter guards is to save yourself some time by decreasing the required maintenance. Using gutter guards mean you don’t have to clean your gutters as often, and when you do need to clear debris from the guards, it is much easier to do. This means fewer times that you have to do this horrid chore, less time to actually do it when you have to, and you avoid the risk of the dangers involved of gutter maintenance. 

Add Years of Protection

Your gutter system’s job is to protect your home from water damage. It doesn’t just protect your house, either, it also protects your landscaping, patio and driveway. By adding gutter guards, you’ll help keep your gutters functioning properly all year along, which will help prevent any damage to your home or landscaping. 

Increases Safety

While it may not seem like it, faulty gutters can cause danger. Extra water can make grass and other surfaces slippery. If the water doesn’t drain properly, it can become a stagnant puddle that attracts mosquitos and other pests that are not only annoying but also a health hazard. 

If water does not drain adequately from your roof, this can cause a buildup of water on top of your home. This moisture can lead to damage as well as mold growth. If it freezes, it can result in an ice dam which puts added weight and pressure, which can cause structural damage. 

Adding gutter guards can reduce these safety hazards. Since they help prevent build-up from leaves and debris, there is less of a chance of flooding onto your roof or stagnant water. 

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Adding rain gutter guards to your gutters can have a significant number of benefits for your home. It helps keep stagnant water from forming, as well as damage to your roof. It also cuts down on the number of times you need to clean your gutters and makes the job way easier when it does have to happen. Lastly, it can also help keep your home in top condition by protecting it from water damage. 

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